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Actor, Screenwriter, Podcaster 


SHRUTI TEWARI has spent over two decades in the creative arts with acting projects ranging from a Bollywood blockbuster to numerous award winning independent films. After her stints in investment banking and tech, this MBA from Mumbai and MIA from Columbia University changed course to authentically represent minority voices. 

Over the last year, she was selected for the Sundance Collab directors and producers programs to develop her first feature film, "Flares," the screenplay for which is a finalist at the Big Apple Film Festival and the Oaxaca Film Festival, a semi-finalist at the LA Feedback Female Film Festival and spotlighted on StoryPitches for best logline and best scene. In 2018, she wrote and directed the short, "Trail Past Prejudice," which premiered at the Delhi International Film Festival, won the Silver Remi Award at WorldFest Houston and was bought by Shorts TV, UK. She was also in the virtual reality comedy, "UTurn," which played at Cannes in 2019. Her satire "Bibijis and Auntyjis,"has been performed in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

She has also worked with at-risk youth for over ten years and was awarded a Certificate of Honor by the City and County of San Francisco for creating positive impact through the arts during her mentorship in juvenile halls.





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