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Type: Feature (106 pages)

Genre: Drama, Culture, Faith-based, Family

Logline: Amidst breaking news of a sting operation involving her husband, a defiant Indian American homemaker in Silicon Valley heads to a reunion with close friends from Delhi to break free of her cultural trappings.


Type: Short (complete)

Genre: Drama, Social Issues

Logline: With hate crimes against brown-skinned people on the rise, Sheela is conflicted whether to trust a white man she runs into while jogging or to treat him with the same prejudice she often encounters.


Type: Short (10 pages)

Genre: Drama, Social Issues, Cultural

Logline: Indian immigrants and estranged best friends meet in Silicon Valley to mend their frayed friendship amidst revelations of their unspoken traumas.

Title: MUM

Type: Short (6 pages)

Genre: Drama, Suicide Prevention, Social Issues

Logline: In the wee hours of the morning, a distraught teen runs determinedly towards the Palo Alto train tracks when he encounters a grieving mom with a picture of her departed son. A struggle ensues.

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