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about me

Height: 5"5   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

An avid movie buff, I have acted in over two dozen projects, ranging from Bollywood blockbusters to award-winning independent films. I love bringing diverse and under-represented characters to life, both in front of the camera and on the pages of my scripts.


Film (Select)

Arranged Marriage (Upcoming)                |       Feature             |            Lead 

A Vibe Thing (Upcoming)                           |       Short                |            Lead 

Bicycle Bride                                      |       Feature            |            Lead 

Khazana                                             |       Feature             |            Lead ​

Family Party                                       |       Feature             |            Lead  

Where We Go From Here                  |      Short                  |            Lead

Trail Past Prejudice                            |      Short                  |            Lead

106ºF                                                 |      Short                  |            Lead

Foreign                                              |      Short                  |            Lead

Shaya (Urdu)                                      |      Short                  |            Lead

Love AajKal (Hindi)                            |       Feature             |           Supporting  

On Golden Years                               |       Feature             |           Supporting

Cold Pressed                                     |       Feature             |           Supporting  

Torn                                                   |       Feature             |           Supporting

All Quiet on the Homefront               |     Short                   |           Supporting

Sati Shaves her Head                         |     Short                   |            Supporting

Streaming (Select)

Theater (Select)

Netflix Series     |    You        | Co-star

Virtual Reality     |    UTurn    | Lead




Antares Ensemble   |   The Human Voice   |   Lead Actor​

Palo Alto Players   |   Aftermath   |   Lead Actor​

First Person Travel Immersive   |   The Headlands Gamble   |   Lead Actor 

Opera Piccola   |   Mirrors of Mumbai   |   Lead Actor

Golden Thread Productions   |   Island of Animals   |   Lead Actor

Arclight Repertory   |   Twelfth Night   |   Supporting Actor & Choreographer

Training & Workshops

Jeffrey Fox Studio   |   Scene Study   |   Jeffrey Fox

Voice One   |   Conservatory   |   Elaine Clark and others

Diversity Casting   |   On-Camera Auditions   |   Sarah Kliban

ACT Studio   |   Meisner Technique   |   Rachel Adler

Seydways Studio   |   Acting Technique   |   Bobby Weinapple

Special Skills

Having studied the root language Sanskrit in school, I'm fluent in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi while being conversational in a few other Indian languages. I can do a few different accents including Indian Cosmopolitan and Indian regional (Northern and Southern) as well as Middle Eastern. I have over two decades of Indian classical, Indian folk and Bollywood dance training and I have performed extensively in India and the US.

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